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Sales and Marketing

We provide an industry leading Reseller Automation platform that allows you and your Reseller network to seamlessly sell all our Products and Services from your own website. You and your Resellers can choose to -

  • Use our ready-made, private-labeled, customizable website - the SuperSite - with an inbuilt shopping cart, Marketing material, Payment Gateway integration and much more, and begin selling our Products from day one.
  • Build your own website integrated into our powerful API to sell any/all of our Products and Services

Any of the above options allows you to fully automate the following aspects of buying and selling our Products and Services -

Detailed Features - Sales and Marketing Automation

Create your Basket of Products and Services
  • Choose which Products you wish to sell- We offer a comprehensive Product Portfolio. You and your Resellers can choose which Products you wish to sell from the comprehensive basket of Products available. These Products can be deployed on your infrastructure or on our infrastructure
  • Define your pre-configured Packages for various Products- You and your Resellers can define pre-configured plans for various Products and Services you wish to resell
  • Set General Pricing, Discounting criteria and Special Pricing for Resellers and Customers per Product- You and your Resellers can set your base selling price, and then set separate volume based discounts for Resellers and Customers. That way, as Resellers do more business, their pricing automatically decreases without any manual intervention. Our system (OrderBox) will keep track of each Reseller's business volume and notify the Reseller when his pricing changes. Over and above this you and your Resellers can also offer special pricing to a particular Reseller or Customer.
  • Customize parameters such as Money Back Guarantees, Grace Periods, Deletion charges- You and your Resellers can specify Money-back Guarantees and Grace Periods to your Customers and Resellers on a per Product basis. (Coming Soon!)
  • Specify your own legal agreements or use our default ones- We provide default contract drafts that are pre-fed into the system for you and your Resellers to use. These drafts contain all necessary provisions to protect your interests and ensure 100% compliance with various legal guidelines. You and your Resellers can replace these with your own specific contracts too.

Market these Products and Services to your Customer/Reseller base
  • Setup your entire Retail website in minutes - You and your Resellers can choose to use the SuperSite to sell all our Products and Services. The SuperSite comes with an inbuilt advanced shopping cart, intelligent product suggestion tool, complete integration with the API, and advanced tools and forms for selling various Products.
  • Setup your entire Wholesale website in minutes - You and your Resellers can choose to use the PartnerSite to sell all our Products and Services. The PartnerSite comes with read-made marketing content to attract and sign-up potential Sub-Resellers under you for all your Products and Services.
  • Build your own website from scratch using our API - Alternatively you/your Resellers can design your own Shopping cart, website and other tools and forms by writing to our powerful API.
  • Avail of ready collaterals for your sales team- You are provided with ready-to-use private-labeled marketing material that your sales team can use when presenting these services to your Customers. Simply add your logo and send it out.

Manage Finance, Billing & Payment Collection for all Sales generated

Our platform takes over as your personal accountant, billing manager, collections manager, auditor, reporting engine and much more. Our system not only completely automates all your finance and billing tasks but also provides the same functionality to your Customers and Resellers.

It manages online invoicing, payment collection, payment gateway integration and much more.